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MyKelseyOnline will be down for planned maintenance starting at 03/05/2021 7:00 PM. We expect this maintenance to last until 03/05/2021 10:00 PM.
A new redesign to the home page is coming to MyKelseyOnline. Learn more

New Home Page Coming Soon!

MyChart's redesigned home page adapts to patients' needs and helps them feel more at home, whether they're using the MyChart website or mobile app. The new design presents patients with shortcuts to common activities and an actionable feed of updates when they log in to help them focus on the most important information. A new activity search feature and unified menu structure help guide patients to the activities they're looking for. Along with the home page redesign comes consistency between the MyChart website and the MyChart mobile app—all features that are available on the MyChart website are now also accessible to patients through the MyChart mobile app, and the new appearance is shared across platforms.

You can take a tour of the new home page by watching these videos:

New Desktop Experience

New Mobile Experience